I’m still playing Minecraft, and I’m still enjoying it quite a bit!

My friends (Jackquel + Empryzz) and I have been pretty busy working on things. As I mentioned last time, our long term goal is to build a massive castle. I haven’t gotten into just how massive this thing is yet (partially because I haven’t counted the full scale of it), but it’ll easily get into the range of tens of thousands of blocks. That’s an immense amount of material we’ll have to gather, so we’ve got a number of things to do before we can jump into actually building the thing.

First of all, there’s the location. Jackquel and Empryzz explored around a bit, and we’ve settled on a spot:

It’s a little hilly and forest-y which will pose some challenges in terms of deforesting and flattening land, but it’ll also probably look really cool with the surrounding landscape, and we’ll need a lot of wood anyway.

Secondly, we need to get enchanted pickaxes, preferably of high tier (either iron or diamond) to try and gather more quickly, but also to get as much regular stone as possible, rather than having to smelt a ton of cobblestone back into regular stone. We’re working on setting up an enchanting table, but then after that it’ll also take some time to gather enough experience and get the right enchantments (efficiency, mending, and hopefully silk touch).

Something I’ve done in the meantime is put together a miner’s outfit (we’re playing with a few plugins on the server), which gives Haste 2 for 5 seconds after mining a block, which helps with gathering low tier materials like cobblestone or wood a little bit, which is nice. It was also really expensive though, taking around 4000 cobblestone to put together. Ah well, I think it was worth it. I’m still toying with the idea of putting together another set or two so we can all have one equipped while we gather, but I don’t know how worthwhile that’d be.

The mining outfit, in all its glory

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