It’s pink, it’s purple, it’s neon – it’s Sayonara Wild Hearts! This is a cute little thing that resembles an interactive pop album more than it resembles a traditional game. I’d heard really good things about it on Giant Bomb as well as from a few friends, so I’d been wanting to check it out for quite a while, but had forgotten it even existed! I’m very glad I stumbled upon it in the most recent Steam sale and was reminded to give it a try.

As I mentioned earlier, Sayonara Wild Hearts is more of an interactive pop album than a game. If you’re like me, it’s something you’ll probably only want to experience once, but it’s a great razzle-dazzle experience that’ll take 1.5-2 hours of your time, and well worth experiencing.

The music is amazing, the visuals are amazing, and the story is really interesting and well done – the game pokes in just enough to tell a little story about love and overcoming adversity without detracting from the simplistic beauty of the soundtrack and visuals. The game is also cleverly designed to keep you from getting stuck in the same place for too long, offering to let you skip past anything you might be having trouble with so that you can keep going.

I’d highly recommend checking this game out if you get the chance, especially if it’s already in your backlog or if you have access to Apple Arcade (there’s a free trial). It’ll only take a couple of hours of your time and it’s well worth it – Sayonara Wild Hearts is one of my favourite indie experiences in a while.

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