Normally I tend to avoid cup noodles as I find that they’re usually a small and unsatisfying size (this one comes in at 62g), but Nongshim’s Tempura Udon Noodle Cup looked particularly interesting, so I gave it a try.

As you may know, I’m always big on getting that little bit extra in my instant noodles – like dehydrated vegetables, sesame seeds, or in this case, tempura bits. Unfortunately, all the tempura bits were pretty soggy, even though I ate it right away, which really brought down the whole experience.

There are two thoughts that I have which may improve the texture of the tempura significantly:

  1. I used the microwave instructions, but I wonder if using boiled water from a kettle instead might keep the tempura from getting soggy so fast.
  2. I wonder if it would help to take the tempura pieces out before microwaving and then add them in after.

The soup broth was interesting and pretty flavourful, so that was nice, and the noodles were pretty decent, but the only reason I picked this kind up was for the tempura, and that part of it was a disappointment. I have a bunch left from the six pack I bought, so I’ll try a few things out and (hopefully) report back here with a way to improve things.

All in all, I wasn’t particularly impressed with these. The price isn’t too bad at $1.65~ a cup and the vegetables are nice, but the small size (62g) and soggy tempura put me off of it, despite the soup broth being pretty decent. I don’t think I’ll purchase these again unless I can figure out a way to solve the soggy tempura problem.

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